bethel mobile based data collection

Accurate Mobile Based Data Collection Systems

We provide efficient and quality data collection services for our clients.
1. Experienced Team

  • A robust and experienced team of enumerators covering all regions in our countries of operation.

2. Versatile

  • Expertise in inter-disciplinary and sector specific sampling and questionnaire development methodologies to capture the right data.

3. Data Verification

  • Rigorous data verification systems that leverage on technology to ensure quality data for our clients.

4. Expert Facilitation

  • Expert facilitation of qualitative data collection methodologies, including focus group discussions and research for case studies.

Field Team Tracking Using Mobile Based Technology

1. Design & Coding

  • Bethel has wide experience with questionnaire design and coding for deployment on mobile and tablet based technologies.

2. Accountability Tracking

  • System tracks if staff have checked in and out of the geographical area where the survey process is taking place.


3. Geo Referencing

  • Geo-referencing is a key part of Bethel’s approach to give a visualization to clients on the process of the intervention through maps and other outputs.

4. Data Analysis

  • Easy capture of data in formats exportable for in-house analysis using a variety of tools – SPSS.

bethel filed team tracking
bethel data validation and reporting

Data Validation Techniques & Reporting

We utilize comprehensive data analysis procedures to ensure that your data is validated.
1. Expert Overview

  • Pool of lead consultants who provide expert overview of validation by quality assurance team.

2. Technical Capability

  • Technical competencies with statistical data analysis software – SPSS, R, NVIVO, Advanced Excel.

3. Impact Measuring

  • Systems for monitoring control populations for comparative data analysis to measure impact.

4. Knowledge Management

  • Knowledge management services to organize and sort client information.

Data Security Systems

1. Confidetiality

  • Stringent confidentiality agreements and an adherence to the stipulations in the Data Protection Act (DPA) of 2018.

2. Security Policy

  • Detailed internal policies managing data recovery, security, and access protocols.


3. Secure Technology

  • Protected cloud-based hosting data hosting services in partnership with compliant system developers.

4. DPA Compliance

  • Security audited as part of DPA compliance.

bethel data security